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Tuesday - October 28 - 7:30PM

Filmmaker Patrick Lovell in person!

Patrick Lovell is an accidental filmmaker/activist. Lovell was in the midst of living his American Dream. He was a television producer traveling the country giving away homes throughout the nation on a nationally distributed TV show. Patrick had a great income, he was married to the love of his life and together they had a child they had both longed for. Suddenly on September 15th, 2008, their lives were turned upside down. The Lovells would find themselves in the midst of the collapse of Americas middle class and like millions would eventually lose their home to foreclosure. Patrick figured out a way to make a film using his story as the entry point to broader truth that America is no longer a Democracy, that free markets have been overrun by global monopolies and the American Dream is Dead! Lovell crisscrossed the country surfing the Occupy Wall Street Wave to discover America is corrupt, defunct and unsustainable, but most importantly, how we can reboot the American Dream.

Starring Bernie Sanders, Van Jones, James Hansen, Jeremy Rifkin, Mary Boyle, Jeffry Sachs, and a slew of ordinary Americans becoming extraordinary. 90 min. Forward 13: Waking UP the American Dream, because the bigger the problems the greater the opportunity. WAKE UP AMERICA!